Solar Energy Products

DC-Energy is one of the leading providers of solar energy technology, offering low-maintenance, fully integrated high-performance systems engineered for efficiency and long life. Our systems are guaranteed to deliver clean energy for a minimum of 25 years for your industrial or commercial roof-top as well as ground mounted systems.

Photovoltaic Systems

DC-Energy’s comprehensive PV module portfolio includes crystalline modules, thin-film technology and customized modules. Mounting systems and inverters fulfill the most rigorous requirements for reliable system operation and high solar yields.

Solar Thermal Systems

DC-Energy’s solar thermal systems feature a proprietary thermal conduction technology for improved heat transfer resulting in higher output and reduced energy consumption for heating and hot water provision. Our thermal systems include solar collectors, storage and expansion tanks, heat transfer stations, valves, control instrumentation and mounting hardware.

Building Integrated Systems

DC-Energy offers solutions for all components of the building envelope including doors, windows, skylights, facades, fire protection and security systems, solar shading, conservatories and balconies. Our product portfolio comprises state-of-the-art systems for solar power and solar heat in all types of buildings.

DC-Energy’s model for generating energy means generating solar power and solar heat in an environmentally friendly way, and saving energy through optimally insulated building designs. By assuring lower energy costs, higher long-term energy efficiency and actual experienced sustainability, DC-Energy solutions add value to your system.

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