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photo of Lever Project's Solar Panels

Lever Project   Aurora, OR

This 500 kilowatt system located at the Lever family farm covers approximately two acres and will produce an estimated 575,000 kilowatt-hours annually, enough energy to power 53 homes per year. The fixed-tilt array uses 2,128 poly-crystalline solar panels from Schuco, PVPowered inverters from Advanced Energy Renewables, and an energy monitoring system from DECK Monitoring. Despite site and weather challenges, including a 3-4% grade which required extensive site preparation and excessive spring rains that delayed required soil tests, the project came in on time and budget.

photo of CherryWood Village's Solar Panels

CherryWood Village   Portland, OR

The CherryWood Village Retirement Community is a 12 acre campus located in Portland, Oregon. CherryWood provides 318 units of retirement and assisted living housing for moderate income seniors in the community. The installation is a 92.4 kilowatt solar panel system estimated to cut electric bills by 25% annually. It is the first senior living facility to use solar power in the city of Portland.

photo of SONIC Drive-In's Solar Panels

SONIC Drive-In   Wilsonville, OR

SONIC Drive-In of Wilsonville, Oregon is the first SONIC franchise to produce solar energy in the Pacific Northwest. Owned and operated by The Westsel Company, this system features a canopy mounted, 9.9 kilowatt system utilizing an S-5 clamp system on standing seams versus a rail mounting system.

photo of Papa Murphy's Solar Panels

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake   Madras, OR

This project included the installation of an 18.7 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system and a solar hot water system including five solar collectors and a 250 gallon water tank. S-5 clamp technology was recommended and used to fasten the solar panels and hot water collectors eliminating the need for a rail mounting system and roof penetrations.

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