Why Go Solar?

It benefits your business, it benefits the environment and it builds a sustainable future. At a time when more than 30% of the entire energy supply is used for buildings in the commercial and residential sector, there is no question that energy consumption needs to be optimized. DC-Energy’s sophisticated and flexible product portfolio meets both the stringent technical standards of the energy industry and the growing demands of our customers. The time to act sustainably is now. The time to choose solar is now.

Financial Savings

Dramatically reduce your utility bills by adding a high-performance solar electric system to your business. Experience a better ROI than many long-term investments over 25 years.

Energy Independence & Efficiency

With dwindling fossil fuel supplies and escalating energy costs, you can protect your business from rising utility rates with a DC-Energy solar electric system. Enjoy owning and controlling your electric power while reducing your reliance on foreign and non-renewable energy sources.

Environmental Stewardship

While significant progress has been made in saving energy and energy efficiency in recent years, more attention needs to be devoted to the questions and problems related to reducing emissions generated in the construction process as well as emissions generated by buildings themselves. DC-Energy is committed to providing solutions that use solar energy correctly an efficiently.

Latest Technology

DC-Energy is one of the west coast’s leading providers of solar energy technology, offering low maintenance, fully integrated, high performance systems engineered for long life and efficiency. DC-Energy’s innovative solutions provide the most advanced solar technology for reliable system operation and the highest solar yields.

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